GenMove is the exercise app for kids that uses AI and augmented reality (AR) to turn the player into the controller.

GenMove is the exercise app for kids that uses AI and augmented reality (AR) to turn the player into the controller.

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London, England
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Management Team

Andrew Hall

Co-Founder & CEO

Questions and Answers

What issues are you solving?

Kids' screen time, and its negative effects, is now a top three concern daily for parents. The WHO is clear that 80% of kids don’t meet the physical activity guidelines anymore, and that’s essentially because they are sitting at home. The result of this is their strength levels are different from previous generations and even their coordination is different.

We have a movement-based game experience where we're engaging kids where they want to play, which is using the screen.

Why should we be excited by you?

Season 1 of GenMove was launched in Doha in time for the FIFA World Cup 2022. Backed by the WHO and FIFA, the app was central to a global campaign entitled ‘Bring The Moves’, which will spanned the entirety of the tournament.

After our children use GenMove, we notice very real positive changes in their mood.  Now that we see them asking to play GenMove again it brings a smile to our face. It's working. Our children are rekindling their love for movement in a new modern way.

Who are your target customers?

All children with access to a phone or tablet! We created GenMove because many of us in the company are parents, and we started to see the very real and negative impact screen time was having on the mental and physical wellbeing of our children.

What is your business model?

Our seven-day free trial is followed by an annual subscription of $5.83 per month, or $9.99 if paying monthly.

What market traction do you have?

* Backed by the World Health Organization (WHO)
* UEFA collaboration, with publicity at the at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022
* 4.7/5 on the Apple App Store
* World class in app engagement metrics for augmented reality


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