Slate is a completely customizable content creation platform that gives social media teams control of their brand on social media and be able to produce social content in seconds.

Slate is a completely customizable content creation platform that gives social media teams control of their brand on social media and be able to produce social content in seconds.

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New York, USA
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Management Team

Eric Stark

Co-Founder and COO

Yury Shubin

Co-Founder and CTO

Will Brooke

Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer

Michael Horton

Co-Founder and CEO

Questions and Answers

What issues are you solving?

With the seemingly endless rise of more social publishing types, brands struggle to ensure their social content is on-brand and consistent across all channels and all creators.

Slate is a content creation platform that’s unique in that it’s both completely customizable to a brand and tailored towards the creation of social media content. This has allowed it to be embraced by iconic brands interested in maintaining brand consistency on social and having their content be as engaging as possible. For example, Steven Goldfried, Director of Digital Content Strategy at the Houston Rockets called it a "game changer" to their workflow this past season.

Why should we be excited by you?

In just 1 year Slate has grown from just an idea to a funded startup with enterprise customers that include the biggest teams, leagues, brands and media organizations in sports including the NFL, Manchester City, LA Lakers, Minnesota Vikings, PLL and many more all in less than a year.

Slate was born out of a team of social media experts, former marketers and content creators at the NFL, 49ers, and Chiefs who saw a need in their own daily work lives for a tool that would make their content creation more streamlined and on-brand.

Who are your target customers?

Slates core clients are sports teams & leagues - working with over 90 teams across the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, PLL, Premier League, Bundesliga and more. Though Slate does work with several other industries including news/media, apparel, gaming, education & fashion/beauty.

What is your business model?

Slate is an enterprise SaaS platform that signs annual contracts based on the number of brand accounts provided and number of users that will access the platform.

What market traction do you have?

Slate is currently working with the entire MLB, over half of the NFL, over a dozen teams across other leagues including the NBA, MLS, NHL, EPL and more. Slate is also used by several leagues & national teams directly, including English Football, NFL, MLB, MLS, PLL and Bundesliga.

The Houston Rockets used Slate this past year to create over 95% of all IG Stories content, and more than 50% of all the posts across social media.                                                    
They also leveraged Slate’s efficiency and creative possibilities to service their valuable corporate sponsors every game with branded filters, frames, and stickers. Slate helped the Rockets level-up their social content, increase sponsor activations, and send their “One Mission” brand campaign to the moon. On average it only took the social team 20s to create quality content. The team achieved 65M sponsored content impressions, and their Instagram impressions increased +17% YoY.

Are you fundraising at the moment?

Currently Slate is not fundraising as the moment, Slate raised a pre-seed round in 2019 and a seed round in 2021. We are always open to speaking with potential investors as we may fundraise in the future.


League 1
Ole Miss
England Football
World Surf League
Premier League Lacrosse
World Rugby
Golden State Warriors
Denver Broncos
Manchester City
Tennis Australia
Minnesota Vikings
Green Bay Packers
Houston Rockets
Tottenham Hotspur

What people are saying about


“You don’t need to be tied to your computer or Photoshop to add creative! Slate is ideal for social teams to brand and publish content in a timely manner.”
Karen Ramming
Social Media Director
Golden State Warriors
“Slate has become a revenue generating opportunity for us in its ability to quickly integrate sponsors to real-time content.”
Hiren Joshi
Senior Digital Communications Coordinator
Houston Rockets
“Slate is a great platform to easily access our creative assets and create consistently high-quality and engaging social content in real-time.”
Craig Rodhouse
Social Media Lead
Tottenham Hotspur

Case Studies

Slate & Houston Rockets

Slate & Houston Rockets

How the Houston Rockets Accomplished their Brand Mission Using Slate

Slate & Tennis Australia

Slate & Tennis Australia

How Slate Helped the Australian Open Supercharge its Sponsored Content

Slate & PGA Tour

Slate & PGA Tour

How Slate improved PGA Tour's weekly content


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