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"The brands who saw digital for what it was, will survive - and that's where we want to play".

In the first of a series of interviews with the CEO's of Sports Loft's members, presented by Northridge law firm, Yanni Andreopoulos meets Ari Daie, Founder and CEO at FEVO.

Ari talks about where the name FEVO comes from - "People say I wanted a four letter word, as I like to curse a lot", his view on live events - they are inherently social, but there is a lot of friction in that" and his leadership approach - "I spend my days thinking 3 years out and finding the right people to execute on that - then getting out of their way".

However, Yanni and Ari really focus on the impact that COVID 19 has had on the business, touching on his responsibility to investors - "we're ventured backed, we have to be good stewards of other people's money", how they have been able to pivot the FEVO technology - "we leveraged our platform to shift over 600,000 face masks. We only shared the offer with 11 people" and the opportunity to bounce back - "sports, festivals and concerts are core to who we are as people".

Look out for more to come from the Sports Loft Member Series ...

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