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Sports Loft Showcase: Spalk

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Spalk founder and CEO, Ben Reynolds, discussed how Spalk has benefitted from the move to remote production and gave case studies from basketball, e-sports and Scottish football. He also set how they are helping rightsholders engage with a much more global audience.

"Broadcasters no longer need to send commentators to arenas or production studios and our technology allows them to create broadcast-grade audio from a laptop", said Ben. "We're driving audience growth and helping our partners to monetize that" because Spalk allows broadcasters to offer content in more languages than ever before. That is helped by the company having "the largest marketplace of professional commentators, which we monetize."

As rights holders have to offered locked out fans live streams, Spalk has helped the SPFL, who already had remote camera production, add remote commentary. "We have commentators sitting at home, behind a laptop, they can have up to five commentators per match together, so they get home and away team focused commentary."

Watch Ben's presentation to the showcase in the video above. Get in touch if you'd like to learn more.

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