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“Teams were forced to see the importance of social media during lockdown”

The Sports Loft podcast brings industry leaders together with senior leaders from the Sports Loft member companies to discuss the topical issues in sport, entertainment, tech and investment.

In the latest episode of the Sports Loft podcast we get to know our tenth and newest member, Slate, by chatting to their co-founder and COO, Eric Stark. In conversation with our Yanni Andreopoulos, he discusses the company’s founding and how it arose from Eric’s background in running social media for the NFL.

Slate works with an impressive range of teams across the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS and Premier League to seamlessly integrate brand assets and maintain brand consistency across social channels. From experience Eric knows that "social media managers need to be copywriters, video producers, graphic designers and a PR person all in one. And they need the tools to be able to do that really quickly."

If teams embrace the change accelerated by covid they should expect to increasingly monetise social media by integrating sponsors into content and proving the value to them. Eric has seen “investment in social media increase in the last five years, but not (yet) to where it needs to be to make money.” Though that may be changing now.

“Teams were forced to see the importance of social media over the last five months because it was the only touchpoint they had to fans without games.” This has also changed sponsor relationships because teams have needed to offer different inventory as stadium signage wasn’t available. Eric thinks “sales teams will see how social is a valuable asset of itself and not just an add on.”

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