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"This is the hardest thing I've had to do in my career. Ever!"

In the next in our series of interviews with the CEOs of Sports Loft members, presented by Northridge, Yanni Andreopoulos, talks with Satisfi Labs CEO and President, Donny White.

Satisfi Labs, in Donny's words, is a "knowledge management platform, where we index thousands of questions that fans ask everyday, and provide a real-time matching system so that you can get the information about what you want, when you want it."

They talk about the growth of the company - "when we started there were 3 of us, now there are 26", their breadth of clients - "we have 100 professional teams on the platform, about half our customers are in sports" and their approach to innovation - "we probably get a lot of credit for ideas that aren't ours, it all comes from the data".

However, they also focus on the impact that COVID has had on the business, both the tough decisions that had to be taken - "we cut our gross burn by 45%", the risk to the business from COVID - "thinking about our entire customer base being 100% closed down, is pretty scary" but also the opportunities - "we've moved all of our development plans up dramatically" and the insight that the Satisfi data can offer as sports return to play - "we got our first COVID question in February, at a zoo, with a question about a panda from China .. the sentiment of the questions is now more about what are you doing to keep me safe".

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