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“We need to help our clients in football get through this congested period, which is unprecedented"

As part of the Sports Loft Member Series, presented by Northridge, Nicolas Miranda, talked with Zone 7 Founder and CEO, Tal Brown.

Tal describes Zone 7 as "algorithms, not physical products, that helps team protect the potential and durability of their athletes … and these decisions are driven by a lot of data that we have analysed”.

Nicolas and Tal talk about the current setup of Zone 7 - “I moved to California to be closer to investors and closer to the US sports market, but we have an engineering science team in Tel Aviv”, their case studies - "Getafe, as a client in La Liga, has had the lowest injury rates for the past 3 years" and how to approach selling into athletic departments - "in the performance industry, people want to see hard proof that what you are doing is actually working"

They also discuss the challenges for the sports industry as teams return to play - "when teams come back, they will play more games in a shorter period of time than ever before", how Zone 7 is helping their clients - "We’ve been able to create vulnerability and resiliency reports which show what the optimal distribution of minutes are for every player over a week, or two weeks of games” and how they attracting new clients - "we have had 5 new clients approach us to analyse their historical data"

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