• Charlie

"We're seeing a huge spike in content creation".

In the next in our series of interviews with the CEOs of Sports Loft members, presented by Northridge, Michael Broughton talks with Greenfly CEO and President, Daniel Kirschner.

They talk about the company's success with Major League Baseball - "every single team uses Greenfly, over 600 MLB players use the platform" and how Greenfly is now expanding into Europe - "PSG has pretty much every member of the 1st team using the platform, including lots of household names, also the women's team, the handball team, the junior teams"

They also discuss the impact of that Corona virus has had on how the platform is being used - "we're seeing a huge spike in content creation", how teams are being creative - "it's really enabled our parties to open up their archives" and how Greenfly's internal operations have evolved - "people are used to working collaboratively, but we've seen an incredible surge of creativity".

Look out for more to come on the Sports Loft member series ...

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