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“We’re showing content owners when you can present content in the most impactful way”

As part of the Sports Loft Member Series, presented by Northridge, Drew Barrand talked with Covatic CEO, Nick Pinks.

Nick describes Covatic as being able to understand "the physical context of an audience member. What are the users actually doing. Do they commute? Do they stay at home? What is their pattern of life? When do they have a window of time to consume content?”

Drew and Nick talk about the background to Covatic - “We started with the challenge of how are broadcasters going to be able to engage on a personal level when they have a really limited understanding of who their audiences actually are, when their competition have so much information”, the opportunity for their product in a growing direct-to-consumer world - "if you know the context of the user and if you can relate it to everything you know about how people watch your content, then you've got the ultimate direct-to-consumer proposition" and the importance of privacy - "You can’t just harvest everybody’s data. You can’t harvest who they are. There’s a very valid GDPR and privacy angle”

They also talk about how COVID has impacted their business operations - "“In many ways it has brought us closer together. We’ve seen a really good progression of engineering excellence” and how it is has created new opportunities for the Covatic product - “In the “new normal”, our clients don’t know what their audiences are going to be doing. How and when people consume content is going to be very different. We are already seeing that the peak times are not the same as before.”

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