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The Sports Loft Summit 2024 took place in May, and brought together many of those who are driving innovation across the sports, media and entertainment sectors.

For our biggest event yet, our packed agenda featured twelve incredible companies that we think the industry needs to know about. The feedback we received was amazing and we were blown away by the positivity and energy in the room – from the support for each of the presenting companies, to the excitement about how these technologies can be used in practice.

Now, you can relive it all again though the videos below.

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The speakers
Tom McDonnell
Tom is CEO at Monterosa, leading the team across UK, Poland and Ghana.
Bob Thomson
Bob founded Storyteller in 2019. Storyteller helps organisations boost engagement, retention and revenues by adding a best-in-class 'Stories' and vertical video to their platforms.
Don White
Satisfi Labs
Donny is the CEO of Satisfi Labs, which he co-founded in 2016. He previously held senior sales leadership positions at Bloomberg.
Jessie Niles
Jessie is director of product impact at data analytics business StellarAlgo. She leads a team who delivers actionable insights and recommendations to sports and entertainment organisations.
Megan Kurcwal
Megan is SVP of the teams and events business at StellarAlgo – the leading customer cloud analytics platform for the sports and entertainment industry, serving live audience organisations in North America and Europe.
Ben Reynolds
Ben founded Spalk in 2015 after studying at the University of Auckland. Spalk's Virtual Commentary Studio makes it easy and scalable to produce remote commentary customised to unique and local audiences.
Maninder Saini
Twelve Labs
Maninder is head of growth at Twelve Labs, the multimodal AI platform that understands videos like humans.
Shubh Jagani
Shubh is head of enterprise product at Opus Clip, which turns long videos into high-quality viral clips for users to share on TikTok, YouTube Shorts and Reels to increase social media reach.
Jan Outters
Jan is director of technology & standards at Ateme, an established business which enables thousands of the world's leading content owners, broadcasters and service providers to captivate their audiences with immersive experiences.
Kamal Mistry
Kamal is CEO of Arcturus, a volumetric video system that captures and reconstructs video feeds for use in technologies like Apple Vision Pro.
Suzanne Kirkland
Suzanne leads sales at Audioshake, which uses AI to split any recording – from music to film to UGC content – into its stems, making audio more interactive, customisable, and accessible.
Antyush Bollini
Antyush is COO of OneCourt, which has developed a haptic tabletop device, which makes sport more inclusive for blind and partially sighted fans.
Nathan Peterson
Nathan CEO at Tagboard, the audience experience platform designed to help storytellers in sports, news and entertainment produce engaging content with a fraction of the resources required by traditional graphics systems.
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