What do we look for in a Sports Loft member company?

Solving clear industry problems

We are not looking for companies that are “nice to haves”. A Sports Loft company should be able to articulate the costs saved by their product for their clients or the revenue opportunities created.

World class management teams

We work very closely with the management teams at each of the Sports Loft companies. Life is too short to work with people you don’t enjoy talking to or respect. Plus, a high quality management team is more likely to be successful and we want to work with successful companies.

International perspective

Our network and our audience for our content and events are very international and we feel that we are best placed to help companies who operate with an equally global mindset –we believe that no one geography has a monopoly on great ideas, talent or applications of technology.

High growth potential

We want to be able to take great opportunities to the investors that we work with and they want to see how they are going to make a financial return. It's more fun to work with great companies and in the sports tech market this normally means ones that are growing quickly.

Normally late seed / Series A / Series B

Our experience has shown that we are best able to help companies who have either raised or are set to raise, investment ranging from $3m to $20m+. This is a useful approximation of their appetite for growth, marketing, and revenue. 

Must have a product in market

As one senior executive at a top-six Premier League club said, “what do we do with a Powerpoint presentation?”. Sports Loft companies should have a product in market, case studies and reference clients.