Startup Life: Achieving product market fit


Achieving “product-market-fit” is one of those terms that you frequently hear in the startup-world. Sought-after by founders and eulogised by investors, it has become an almost idealistic concept of that moment when all that hard work comes to fruition and it just clicks – the product sells itself. But what does it actually mean? And when do you know if you’ve “found it”?

In this episode, host Yanni Andreopolous is joined by BALLN Co-founder and CEO Andrew Hall and FEVO’s EVP & GM of Partner Development, Colin Casey. Andrew and Colin share their first-hand experiences at their respective companies - a B2C company that is about to release its first product and a B2B social commerce platform that is more mature - as they work towards  product market fit. The discussion reflects on the importance of being able to react quickly, how to work out which customer insights to prioritise and whether a “Minimum Lovable Product” is more helpful than a “Minimum Viable Product”.

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Andrew Hall

Andrew is the co-founder of BALLN. Previously Founder Institute Australian Director of Year (2015) 15+ years in start up world, advised over 100 companies

Colin Casey

Colin is the GM & EVP of Partner Development