Bringing human-like understanding to video


In this episode, Yanni and Charlie chat with Maninder Saini, head of growth at Twelve Labs, a company that uses multimodal AI to bring human-like understanding to video content. We had Twelve Labs on stage at the Sports Loft Summit, so in this conversation we dig deeper into the applications of this technology in the sports and media entertainment industry, particularly in helping rights holders organise and find content in their video libraries.

Up front, Maninder explains what multimodal AI is and why it's the perfect tool for understanding the content and context in video. We also cover the evolution of Twelve Labs, its recent $50M Series A funding and the challenges and opportunities in the market.

We think Twelve Labs is an exciting proposition for sports and entertainment organisations with large (or even unwieldy) content libraries because there are so many potential use cases. A broadcaster might use it to tag and organise incoming match footage to share with relevant commercial partners. A team might use it to help its video editors quickly assemble highlight reels and social content. A brand might use it to scour historical footage for advertising material – showing how they’ve been the key differentiator at crucial moments through the decades. And that's just scratching the surface.

“My view is that it can make a video editor into a bionic editor,” says Maninder. “They can do so much more with Twelve Labs. Most of the teams, at the club and league level, are often quite lean and very scarcely resourced. So this technology will enable them to do all of the things on their backlog and their to-do list that they never really get around to because they're just overburdened with the volume of day-to-day tasks.”



  • 06:30 – Intro to Twelve Labs
  • 12:00 – Using AI to organise and search video libraries
  • 16:15 – What is multimodal AI?
  • 23:30 – Explaining foundation models
  • 28:00 – Applications in various industries
  • 33:30 – Twelve Labs as an API business
  • 46:00 – AI: efficiency versus automation
  • 48:00 – The future of Twelve Labs and dream clients
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Maninder Saini
Twelve Labs

Maninder is head of growth at Twelve Labs, the multimodal AI platform that understands videos like humans.