Building a ticketing operation for the modern sports industry


The financial results of many sports organisations in the last 18 months have clearly shown why ticketing revenue is so important. Whilst pre-pandemic, many teams and events almost took their ticketing revenue for granted (we’ve got a waiting list for season tickets, we don’t need to worry), that complacency doesn’t exist anymore. Fans in attendance make the TV product better and amongst many of the teams and events that we talk to, there is a clear desire to deliver the best fan experience possible so that the fans keep coming back.

So, for teams and events, how can you deliver those “Instagrammable” moments that the fans will remember? How do you get the fans’ attention in an environment where they have so many other ways to spend their money?  How do you deliver a ticketing and event experience that is at least as good, and hopefully better, than anything they can get from Amazon, Netflix or Instacart?

In the latest of the Sports loft podcasts we are joined by F1 Miami Grand Prix’s Josh Young, who is building the ticketing operation for F1’s new race in Miami, and FEVO’s Colin Casey, whose clients include the LA Dodgers, NY Giants, Nascar and many others. They discuss how teams and events are leveraging technology in the ticketing process, the importance of the gameday experience and whether you’ve got your pricing wrong if you sold every ticket.

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Josh Young
F1 Miami Grand Prix

Josh is VP of Ticket Sales & Service at the new F1 Miami Grand Prix launching in 2022.

Colin Casey

Colin is the GM & EVP of Partner Development