How is the value sports teams get from social media changing?


How is the value sports teams get from social media changing?  What role does social media play for teams and how has this changed? We talk to Eric Stark, founder of Sports Loft member company Slate and Minnesota Timberwolves’ Director of Digital Content Shahbaz Khan about the increased importance of social media in sport and the demand for innovation and adaptability for digital content within sports teams, specifically the NBA. 

Shahbaz talked about the importance and purpose of social media and how it can add value to teams. He mentioned how “there’s never a time which we’re posting for posting sake.” Therefore, in terms of using social to drive value, he abides by several ‘pillars’ which include “ensuring that we are engaging current fans at the highest level possible, potentially gaining new fans and monetizing content in a way that continues to engage with fans.” All of which contribute to the importance placed upon social media. Shahbaz said “it’s the most front-facing part of an organisation.”

Eric mentioned the increased emphasis on social and digital content now more than ever. He touched on how in today’s climate, teams are having to rely on social content for engagement and revenue. He explained “we’ve seen a lot more creative ways to incorporate sponsors this year than ever,” and how “all of a sudden teams are turning to the digital and social team as this is our most valuable asset.”

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Shahbaz Khan
Minnesota Timberwolves

Shahbaz is the Director of Digital Content at Minnesota Timberwolves & Lynx.

Eric Stark

Eric Stark is the co-founder and COO of Slate, after spending five years as Director of International Marketing for the NFL and two years in social & digital media for the San Francisco 49ers.