London Marathon Events: The tech behind the record-breaking event


“The 26.2 miles of London streets from Blackheath to the Mall are, in my opinion, the most incredible experience on the planet,” says Charles Juba, group director of digital & technology at London Marathon Events (LME) and this week’s guest on the Sports Loft Podcast.

Our conversation took place shortly after 53,000 people had completed the 2024 TCS London Marathon the previous weekend, raising an unprecedented £67 million for charity, and breaking more than 40 other Guinness World Records.

We wanted to find out from Charles what role technology plays in the success of the marathon and LME's other events – which include 10km fundraisers, half marathons, a swim in the capital’s Hyde Park, a cycling race and plenty more.

“Innovation for me is a layer cake and you have to have a firm foundation on which you build,” says Charles. “The starting point at London Marathon Events is very much based on our data... because innovation pivots around insight and insight requires quality data.”


09:00 – Introduction to London Marathon Events and its role
14:45 – Innovation and technology in enhancing the participant and fan experience
24:00 – Engaging in the participants journey 
30:00 – The Impact of the London Marathon App
37:00 – Harnessing the power of data for engagement and partnerships
44:45 – Future Goals

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Charles Juba
London Marathon Events