Move.ai – where artificial intelligence meets the metaverse


Imagine being able to exactly capture how Mbappe steps over the ball in the World Cup final, how Raducanu serves during a crucial tiebreak, or how McIlroy tees off at the US Open. Now imagine the only tools you need for the job are a few iPhones and some very clever software. And what if you could use that movement data just as easily within a film production, sports broadcast or gaming environment?

That’s the promise of motionless motion capture developer Move.ai, Sports Loft’s newest member. In this episode, Yanni chats with co-founder Anthony Ganjou to hear more about “where artificial intelligence meets the Metaverse.”

Along the way, we learn how capturing athletes' movements on the field of play will become the most valuable IP in the media industry, discover the implications for gaming and movie production – in both the amateur and professional fields – and explore the disruptive potential of reducing mo-cap costs from the hundreds of thousands to hundreds of dollars.

“That’s the beautiful thing about computer vision, the beautiful thing about AI and the beautiful thing about being in the software business,” says Ganjou. “Within six or eight weeks anyone anywhere on the planet – whether you're in Sub-Saharan Africa, or native Chile or in an Alaskan substation, you can literally download an app and start incredibly high fidelity motion capture. It's designed to reach hundreds of millions of people and to create truly scalable animation.”

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Anthony Ganjou

Anthony is the Co-founder at Move.ai and has previously built and exited from other businesses in the sports and media space.