Reviewing our trend predictions and looking ahead to 2024


In this week's podcast we're reflecting on the year that's coming to an end. In the words of host Yanni Andreopoulos, in our latest episode, we've gathered “the greatest minds Sports Loft has to offer” (oh dear!) to assess with 20-20 hindsight our 2023 sports, media and entertainment tech predictions.

We ask: were memberships re-imagined by sports teams? To what degree did rightsholders become content businesses? And did the industry really get smarter on data? Find out what we think, as Yanni holds Andy and Charlie to account on what we got right and what we got, err, not so right.

Warning: contains multiple references to Hull City football club.

Show notes:

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Charlie Greenwood
Sports Loft

Andy Selby
Sports Loft

Yanni Andreopoulos
SeaBird / E1 Series