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Yanni speaks with Jordan Fliegel, managing director of Techstars NYC and Techstars Sports.

Over the course of the conversation, Jordan details how Techstars identifies promising startups, and the ways it works with successful applicants to help their businesses develop. The pair also cover the equity terms and ongoing support offered by the accelerator.

As well as Jordan's search for “the Topgolf of fishing”, the discussion touches on what qualities Techstars looks for in its founders, their teams, and products, plus the sectors and areas that are exciting Jordan in 2023. This leads to the unlikely story of how Jordan became an early investor in Lemon Perfect. Founded by former basketball coach Yanni Hufnagel, the hydration company has since raised more than $70m.

Jordan is a former managing partner at Founders First, an angel fund and syndicate. He was co-founder and CEO of CoachUp, a platform to connect athletes with coaches. Among other ventures, he was co-CEO of Draft.com – a fantasy sports site which sold to Paddy Power Betfair in 2017 for ~$48m.


  • 04:30 – What does an accelerator like Techstars do?
  • 09:30 – How does Techstars attract and vet companies?
  • 14:00 – The decision process of admitting a company
  • 23:00 – What the end goal for each company they bring in?
  • 18:30 – What makes a company too mature for Techstars?
  • 31:15 – Where Jordan expects to find the next big opportunity
  • 38:15 – How the economic landscape has shifted
  • 43:20 – What makes a good founder or team?
  • 56:00 – Lemon Perfect

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Jordan Fliegel
Techstars NYC, Techstars Sports