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In the latest episode of the Sports Loft Podcast, Yanni is joined by Konrad von Moltke, principal of New York-based investment group, WISE Ventures. Within the WISE portfolio, you'll find familiar names like Sports Loft member companies Tagboard and FEVO, plus former member Slate, and many more across the sports, media and entertainment space.

Konrad takes us behind the scenes at WISE, revealing why the firm likes to assume board positions in their investments, the art of crafting a robust cap table, and his secret for juggling numerous moving parts and projects (hint: you've just got to stay impeccably organised!).

In September's 'Investor's View' episode Konrad also explains that for him, one of the most important skills for a founder to have is the ability to sell a vision.


08:30 – Tech adoption in sports organisations

14:00 – The WISE thesis and strategic approach

19:30 – Active deployment in 2023

23:00 – Why take board positions

25:00 – Tagboard and building a great cap table

28:00 – What do you look for in founding teams?

35:00 – The strength of being organised

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Konrad von Moltke
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