Covatic is a technology provider specialising in private by design, on device digital advertising, marketing and engagement tools.

Covatic is a technology provider specialising in private by design, on device digital advertising, marketing and engagement tools.

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Birmingham, UK
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Management Team

Nick Pinks

Founder & CEO

Dan Pike

Chief Product Officer

Questions and Answers

What issues are you solving?

Have you ever wanted to know when the best time is to share some content with your audience - not just as a group but by individual?  Our solutions do exactly that.  By integrating us into your app, we can learn and predict the best opportunities to serve relevant content, notifications and advertising.  Just as important is also understanding when not to interrupt people to avoid content wastage and negative impact.

The ability to attract and retain people’s attention is constantly under attack from the rapidly growing content and platforms available. Consumers expect and demand an effortless experience serving them content at a time and in a way that is most relevant to them. At Covatic, we have built software enabling personalisation at scale without the need for personal data – giving consumers what they need and companies the tools to make it a reality.

Why should we be excited by you?

Given the relationship sports brands strive to have with their customers, we believe that the unique insights we provide will enable even deeper understanding and engagement. As the sports industry adapts to a “new normal”, the ability to grow customer loyalty and improved effortless experiences will be critical in the competitive landscape of audience acquisition and retention.

We provide the tools that let you engage directly with each of your customers, without exposing any personal data, or having to grow your marketing/sales teams.

Who are your target customers?

Our focus is on helping companies who want to build superior relationships with their user base delivering added value to their brand and pivoting them ahead of the competition. Our solution is industry agnostic and is available for both Android and iOS apps.

We work closely with the Marketing, Customer Success, Sales and Revenue teams within our clients.

What is your business model?

We have a platform licensing model based on the volume of active app users or a fixed rate depending on your business. We are laser focused on supporting a single code base for all our customers.

What market traction do you have?

We are currently working with a number of leading customer focused companies within the media and broadcast industry – including traditional broadcast, radio and sports.  With these clients, we have successfully:

• Identified the ability to 10x increase the impact of notifications on user engagement
• Scaled to over 1.5m users and collected over 2 billion data points.
• Worked across multiple brands within each company across the UK and US.
• Delivered unique data on user context giving real value add to their content and customer experience strategy.

We have proven our ease of deployment and scalability in the media industry and are ready to help Sports brands in their vision of providing superior customer experiences. As a PaaS solution with low touch onboarding and intuitive tools, we are wholly suited to today’s challenges of physical movement and virtual support.

Are you fundraising at the moment?

We will be raising a Series A towards the end of summer, start of autumn.


Planet Rock
Greatest Hits Radio
Magic FM
Absolute Radio
Kiss Kube
Bauer Media

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“Working with Covatic has helped us bring real insight to develop radio and audio products, and data is key to informing our content and commercial strategies in the future."
Shana Hills
Chief Operating Officer (Digital), Audio
Bauer Media

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