Karta makes brands playable by creating immersive experiences in gaming and metaverse environments.

Karta makes brands playable by creating immersive experiences in gaming and metaverse environments.

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Management Team

Erik Londré

Founder & CEO

Mihailo Mihailovic

Chief commercial officerc

Tony Barnes


Questions and Answers

What issues are you solving?

Businesses and brands are constantly struggling with the fact that consumers refuse to stay in the same place for long. Ten years ago, brands had to move to platforms like YouTube and Instagram in order to connect with younger audiences. Now, they need to be on Roblox and Fortnite. In other words, in order to develop and maintain engagement with their target audiences, businesses need to constantly revise their consumer acquisition strategies in innovative ways.

That’s where Karta can help. 

Karta is a metaverse studio specialising in connecting brands, artists and sports teams with the billions of people inhabiting the most popular virtual worlds. Having successfully created metaverse experiences for a Premier League football club, k-pop group TWICE, Unilever Sunsilk and others, we have carved a new, accessible and proven way for brands to build a long-term presence and achieve tangible real-world results within the metaverse.

Why should we be excited?

The metaverse unlocks the next level of fan engagement by combining limitless scale with powerful virtual experiences. In a recent campaign for a Premier League football club, we delivered a Roblox experience complete with mini-maps, a virtual sports academy, limited-edition collectables, and virtual merch for gamers to enjoy. Since launch, the experience has been visited more than 5 million times. More than 1.5 million virtual jerseys have been claimed. 

Additionally, we've delivered an influencer tournament stream for Amazon Music in Fortnite, as well as a national omnichannel campaign for Ronald McDonald House in Roblox. We’ve got several other exciting projects for major organisations and brands in the works as we speak. 

Nevertheless, we have only just begun showing the business world what we can do. And what the metaverse can do for the world’s businesses. 

Who are your target customers?

Sports rights-holders across, artists & record labels, entertainers, brands

What is your business model?

It depends on the client. With a fan-driven brand like a popular sports team or a music artist, the partnership is usually based on a limited initial investment combined  with revenue sharing of earnings from virtual product sales. With other brands, the norm is a straightforward investment based on the scope of the project, and what the delivery will require in terms of people and time.

What market traction do you have?

The success of the global brand campaigns that Karta has delivered so far has allowed us to open up  a lot of conversations with businesses across several different industries.

Within sports, the opportunity to enhance and evolve how international teams, personalities and rights-holders engage with their fan community has been of particular interest. The potential for connecting with an otherwise hard-to-reach audience has also generated a lot of excitement. Also, the opportunity to open up new revenue streams from virtual merchandise as well as creating a new asset to offer partners contributes to keeping us very busy these days.


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"Working with Karta on such an exciting project has kept us at the edge of our seats. From educating us at the start to fleshing out the idea, through to addressing every detail in development, our experience with Karta has been truly enriching and we have learnt a great deal."
Purnima Lamba
Global brand vice president

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