Musicians, creators and rightsholders use Levellr to start and build fan communities, gather powerful first-party data, and create new revenue streams from their communities.

Musicians, creators and rightsholders use Levellr to start and build fan communities, gather powerful first-party data, and create new revenue streams from their communities.

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Management Team

Kit Rosen

Sport and Entertainment Partnerships

Ben Barbersmith

CTO & Co-founder

Grace Stecula

Chief of Staff

Tom Gayner

CEO & Co-founder

Questions & Answers

What issues are you solving?

In the last couple years, we’ve seen traditional social platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter [X] shift towards algorithm driven short-form content. For the most innovative rights holders, social media has evolved into another form of broadcast media.

This means that fans looking for conversation and connection around their favourite teams and athletes have turned elsewhere. Messaging apps like Discord, Telegram and WhatsApp, have evolved into modern day fan forums to house conversation and connection around shared topics.

Gen Z fans are leading the way. 65% of Gen Z say they feel more confident online when using community-focused social apps like Discord or Twitch over feed apps like Instagram and Twitter, and 35% of Gen Z call Discord their preferred platform of choice. Levellr helps organisations plug into these online communities to generate revenue, acquire first-party data, and maintain a safe and sacred space for your biggest fans.

Why should we be excited about you?

Super fans who join online communities for connection and conversation spend 2x the average fan annually and are 6x as likely to invite new fans into the fandom. Organizations who take the time to nurture these community spaces will see outsize revenue returns per fan, and lead the industry in connecting with and acquiring Gen Z sports fans.

Levellr is the only tool in the market helping organizations manage and monetize these online communities.

Who are your target customers?

Any rights holder who wants to convert fans into super fans and ensure they are capturing Gen Z fans globally. Gen Z consumers make up almost a third of the global population and will have more than $3.5 trillion in buying power by 2030. Capturing these fans is crucial to any rights holder’s current and future revenue goals.

What is your business model?

Levellr is a software and services company that signs annualized agreements with its clients. Most clients purchase the Enterprise Levellr software and a limited or Enterprise suite of services, depending on each organization’s unique fan community. 

The Levellr software helps organizations plug into their online fan communities on Discord or Telegram to enable first-party data collection, UGC collection, and monetization opportunities through gated spaces, e-commerce integrations, and custom bots. The Levellr services provide Discord or Telegram management and moderation to keep fan communities engaged, safe, and respectful.

What market traction do you have?

Levellr’s powerful software tools and community experts are being used by many of the world’s leading artists and brands, including Fred again.., Starbucks, Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, Fall Out Boy, Pink Pantheress, & Warner Music Group, amongst others.


Republic Records
Mercury Records
Island Records
Warner Records
Universal Music Group
Warner Music Group

What people are saying about


"Every artist and brand should be excited about Levellr tools. While socials might help you build a fanbase, they don’t give you the tools to build a community. That is where Levellr comes in. This is the first platform the band are really enjoying."
Adam Callan
Manager of Franc Moody & Director
Juicebox Recordings
"Discord is an exciting platform, especially for an artist with such an engaged fanbase as Fred again.., but we wouldn’t have had such promising levels of community growth and engagement without Levellr."
Fiona McAuley
Head of Audience, Atlantic Records
Atlantic Records

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