One platform, continuous fan engagement

One platform, continuous fan engagement

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Management Team

Tom McDonnell

CEO & co-founder

Simon Brickle

COO & co-founder

Igor Loboda

CTO & co-founder

Richard Pilgrim


Questions and Answers

What opportunities are you creating?

Product & proposition: differentiation of owned & operated products with marketable gamification, challenges, rewards and community building.

Economic: vendor consolidation, sponsorship sales, customer acquisition, achieve continuous levels of loyalty.

Capabilities: progressive audience profiles, creative workflow, syndication, automation, multi-screen.

Who is your product for? 

Monterosa's Interaction Cloud is an award-winning SaaS platform designed to gamify digital products quickly. In doing so, product teams make their direct-to-consumer offerings more sticky and increase conversion rates to sign-up. The platform caters to sports leagues, teams, broadcasters, betting operators and brands. Organisations can uniquely curate modules, apps and plug-ins that distribute to teams, partners and publishers in multiple skins and languages. By syndicating Experiences, they retain quality control and co-ownership of first-party data.

Subscribers also get access to the Monterosa Store – a marketplace of fan engagement experiences and games including third parties. Customers include Liverpool FC, ITV, Formula E, Six Nations and other global sports leagues.

What is your business model?

Monterosa is a subscription model that uniquely includes all available fan experiences and support. With unlimited creative choice, generous usage allowances and enterprise-grade SLAs, subscribers get a unique combination of choice, versatility and security. With a set of new marketplace partners, Monterosa subscribers now get access to an additional range of world-class experiences, games and technologies.


Sky Sports
England Rugby
Formula E
EA Sports
Liverpool FC
Six Nations

What people are saying about


"Monterosa has given us the ability to reach our audience in a new way. They’ve been instrumental in our growth, making sure our offering keeps up with social media. We’re able to iterate together on products, and control everything ourselves from the platform. We highly recommend the platform."
Michelle Cauchi
Senior Director, Creative Promotions - Interactive Production
"Monterosa has helped EA SPORTS truly take our Premier League Player of the Month sponsorship to the next level. The results have been superb, transforming the voting experience for our players."
James Taylor
Football Partnerships Lead, Northern Europe
"Having the flexibility and speed to manage content in real-time has delivered another level of matchday experience, both for our in-house teams and, most importantly, for the fans. The new Match Centre has quickly become an important driver in the club's long-term fan registration strategy."
Andy Fletcher
VP Product
Liverpool FC

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