Spalk's Virtual Commentary Studio makes it easy and scalable to produce remote commentary that's customised to unique and local audiences.

Spalk's Virtual Commentary Studio makes it easy and scalable to produce remote commentary that's customised to unique and local audiences.

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New York, USA
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Management Team

Ben Reynolds

Co-Founder & CEO

Michael Prendergast

Co-Founder & CTO

Tom Read

VP Strategy & Partnerships

Questions and Answers

What issues are you solving?

Spalk is pioneering remote commentary production capabilities for leading sports broadcasters. Our patented Virtual Commentary Studio allows broadcasters, federations & leagues to reduce commentator travel costs, increase audience size through multi-lingual commentary & revolutionize production workflows. Spalk also supports our partners with commentator recruitment via our Talent Marketplace and as a rights agent & distributor.

Customize - Sports broadcasters can customize live sports content for different audiences based on the language, style or bias of the commentator.

Talent - Access to the world’s largest Marketplace of Professional Sports Commentators – over 500 commentators spanning 50 languages.

Savings - Savings of 70% - 80% compared to the cost incurred flying commentators around the globe to commentate live events.

Flexibility - Virtual production over IP allows broadcasters to reduce reliance expenditure on production equipment & studio space.

Why should we be excited by you?

We started this business 5 years ago as a couple of Kiwi kids in our dorm in Auckland, NZ. From being total industry outsiders, we are now a trusted name in sports broadcasting and excited to continue disrupting some of the industry stalwarts in the years ahead and making sure that sports coverage talks to every fan around the world.

Who are your target customers?

We have 3 key target customer segments:

Sports organisations, leagues and rights owners that stream direct to consumer. E.g. NBA League Pass, World Rugby TV, Golf TV, Chelsea TV
General Sports OTT platforms E.g. DAZN, FloSports, Eleven Sports
Traditional broadcasters. E.g. Sky Sports, beIN SPORTS, ESPN
Production companies. E.g. IMG Media, Infront, Eurovision

What is your business model?

SaaS for Virtual Commentary Studio. Flexible packages and pricing from one-off usages through to annual deals. Technology usually priced on a per-hour basis.
Talent Marketplace fees for commentators are separate and usually priced on a per-game rate.

What market traction do you have?

Spalk’s Virtual Commentary Studio is used by leading Sports Properties including World Rugby, Six Nations, FIBA and DAZN.

Our customers are using our product for a number of different use-cases including:
- World Feed commentary for major events
- Multilingual commentary feeds for either owned media or broadcast partners
- Alternative commentary options - eg comedic or influencer commentary
- Re-commentating archived content
- Commentary for social media highlights

We started monetizing in January 2019 and had mid six figures in revenue in 2019 and are currently doing over $100K of revenue a month.


Matchroom Sport
Formula E
Six Nations
World Rugby

What people are saying about


"FIBA has worked very hard to build our live streaming offering. We are now streaming more than 1,000 games every year, for over 30 million basketball fans. Spalk has helped us to localize and enrich our live stream experience while also keeping production cost under control"
Nicolas Chapart
Head of Digital
"At World Rugby, we put fans at the heart of our digital strategy and Spalk's Virtual Commentary Studio offers a unique way to customize our broadcasts for millions of rugby fans around the world."
Ronan Donagher
Head of IT and Broadcast
World Rugby

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