Athletes as content creators


How are athletes becoming such great content creators? How are leagues and rights holders helping them to do this? We talk to social content tool Greenfly's CEO Daniel Kirschner and SailGP's CMO Tim Godfrey about how they're doing this. Our founder Charlie Greenwood outlines why he’s excited to work with Greenfly, part of the Sports Loft family. 

Daniel recalls how he founded the company with his cousin, ex-Mets player Shawn Green, to connect players, leagues and fans through content. We chat to SailGP’s Tim Godfrey about how he’s helped launch a new sport in 2019, that’s now broadcast to millions. The annual competition has attempted to “redefine sailing” and has attracted a younger audience on social media through “personality led” content. 

Giving athletes access to immediate content at their fingertips has ensured authenticity and enabled SailGP to work with their sponsors to create campaigns that are relevant to both parties and fans. Daniel highlights how producing content frequently is important to maintain engagement and then explains how rights holders are monetizing content and using that to expand sponsorship contracts.

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Tim Godfrey
Sail GP

Tim was the Chief Media & Marketing Officer for Sail GP until January 2021.

Daniel Kirschner

Daniel is the Co-Founder and CEO of Greenfly and has previously held positions as; President of the Harvard Law Review and Head of Corporate Affairs at Activision Blizzard.