Greenfly enables organisations to turn their advocates into brand builders by harnessing the power of social.

Greenfly enables organisations to turn their advocates into brand builders by harnessing the power of social.

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California, USA
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Management Team

Daniel Kirschner

Co-Founder & CEO

Marshall Greer

Chief Technology Officer

Ali Samson

VP of Customer Success

Tom Kuhr

Chief Marketing Officer

Shawn Green

Co-Founder & Chairman

Andrew Patterson

SVP of Partnerships

Nick Shaw

Managing director, EMEA

Jamie Wilde

Head of technology & data science

Questions & Answers

What issues are you solving?

Emotional connection is the key to building a brand that people love. You can’t buy it – brand love is earned through genuine fan interactions, personal connections and word-of-mouth endorsements through people that support the brand.

Expanding reach beyond borders, boosting fan engagement, and increasing monetization and sponsorship revenue are top priorities for sports brands everywhere. As influencers, athletes are your primary driver of brand awareness and affinity to support these goals. Giving them access to your brand content enables them to tell their personal stories to their social media audiences. Greenfly enables forward-thinking sports marketers to put digital first and leverage the enormous advocacy power of their athletes to increase brand value — in a way that’s engaging, authentic and appealing to younger audiences.  

Why should we be excited by you?

Greenfly was built by athletes with athletes in mind. It's incredibly easy to use, which ensures rapid adoption and use. Athletes need their team and league's support to build their personal brands. Providing them with short-form media after training and games to support their social media efforts will result in greater awareness for the team and league, along with sponsors and broadcast rights holders.

The Greenfly platform is an enterprise-class digital media distribution solution — with deep integrations to media storage systems, automated and intelligent media routing, high security for private communications, and native content gallery navigation.  

With Greenfly, sports organizations can extend their organic social media reach by 1,000% or more. Greenfly started helping brands in 2014 and has been named one of the fastest-growing organizations in the U.S. by Inc. Magazine.

Who are your target customers?

Sports organizations, TV networks, media, consumer brands, social causes, and political organizations depend on Greenfly’s advocacy marketing platform to collect and share media with their advocates  — personalizing engagement with the brand’s customers, audiences and fans.

What is your business model?

Greenfly’s software-as-as-service platform is sold directly to marketing or digital teams to manage and operate as part of their everyday media workflow. It's priced on the number of users and channels under management, on an annual subscription basis. The subscription includes customer care, training and a dedicated customer success manager who provides white-glove service and ensures that Greenfly measurably impacts every customer’s business goals.

What market traction do you have?

The Greenfly platform has driven a significant impact for over 500 organizations, including teams, national associations, sports broadcast networks, and more than 27 sports leagues worldwide. They all benefit from activating and arming advocates, fans, customers, ambassadors, athletes, sponsors, or rights-holding broadcasters with short-form media so they can speak on the brands' behalf.

Greenfly powers the social media engagement of more than 40,000 users, including some of the world's most famous talent, like Neymar, Chris Paul, Mbappe, and Mike Trout. Since 2014, more than 5 million media assets have been shared with Greenfly, resulting in more than 1 billion incremental social engagements.


British Cycling
Real Madrid
Turner Sports
Fox Sports
World Surf League
Premier League Lacrosse
Sail GP
World Rugby

What people are saying about


“Greenfly has been an incredible solution for the Dodgers to connect our fans with our players and club brand through digital content. Greenfly +Engage is helping us reach generations of fans who want to be a part of all the special moments with this team — in or out of the stadium.”
Tucker Kain
President, Dodgers Business Enterprise
Los Angeles Dodgers
"Looking at where we were a year ago versus where we are now with Greenfly, it’s like moving from the Stone Age into the Digital Age."
Chris Sloane
Head of Social and Programming
G2 Esports
"Athlete-created content is outperforming our longer-form produced content. With Greenfly, the power to connect the Royals brand with our global fanbase and partners through our athletes has been quite transformational. The players have become our best creators and built their own personal brand."
Atishay Agarwal
Head of Content
Rajasthan Royals

Case Studies

Greenfly & MLB

Greenfly & MLB

MLB use Greenfly to route over 600,000 media assets to their players

Greenfly & Premier Lacrosse League

Greenfly & Premier League Lacrosse

Greenfly help PLL increase player social interactions by 300%

Rajasthan Royals & Greenfly

Greenfly & Rajasthan Royals

Greenfly help the Rajasthan Royals engage their fans with an increase of 185% in Instagram social engagements and 20% increase in sponsor media value.

Greenfly & PSG

Greenfly & PSG

Greenfly help PSG team and players reach new followers with an 85% increase in social media engagement and 2,202% increase in potential social reach

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