Building great products in sports & media


When we meet with the founder of a prospective Sports Loft company, we are very focused on product – what exactly is it that you’re building? Who has the problem that you are solving? Why is your product better than the alternatives out there? What have you done to make your product as simple to use as possible? How are people using your product? Are users returning? Will anybody buy it?

This product focus is vital in the world of sports, media and entertainment. Why is the fan going to choose this product over all the other options they have? How can the product be applied to the workflows of a major event or the constant “always-on” of a league season? What can teams, leagues or sponsors achieve with this product that they couldn’t do before?

In this podcast, we are joined by Slate’s co-founder and CEO, Michael Horton whose clients include teams across every major US league, the Premier League and major sponsors, and Tagboard’s President Nathan Peterson whose clients include the likes of Fox Sports, NBC, Turner and NFL Media. They discuss what they have learnt from building tech products for the sports and media industry, the importance of the people in the product building process and how their products have evolved from their earliest iterations.

Nathan Peterson

Nathan CEO at Tagboard, the audience experience platform designed to help storytellers in sports, news and entertainment produce engaging content with a fraction of the resources required by traditional graphics systems.

Michael Horton

Michael is co-founder and CEO at Slate. He has a background in product management and user design.