Tagboard is a simple cloud platform for complex productions.

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Seattle, USA
Tagboard is a simple cloud platform for complex productions.

Management Team

Christine Chalk

SVP of Creative Services

Nathan Peterson


Josh Decker

Founder & CEO

Dave Minetti

SVP of Sales

Questions and Answers

What issues are you solving?

Tagboard’s cloud-based production platform's drag & drop workflows allow users to produce interactive live content for any screen, leverage a powerful graphics engine to design unique templates in an intuitive builder, and curate real-time content from every major social network.

Why should we be excited about you?

We help our clients think outside the box and do what’s not been done before to deliver unexpected interactive cross-channel experiences that increase revenue. We make it easy to let your most passionate fans and engaged audiences tell the story.

Who are your target customers?

Producers in news, sports, and entertainment

Broadcast Producers

News Producers

Gameday producers

Event Producers

Digital Producers  (Livestream)

Social Producers (Livestream)

What is your business model?

Software as a Service (SaaS)

What market traction do you have?

-400+ clients across News, Sports and Entertainment-

10.6 Million pieces of content curated by producers

Stories produced across 20 Million media properties worldwide

Master Service Agreements with NBC, FOX, ABC, Warner Media, WWE, NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, Univision, DAZN, NCAA and more


NBC Universal
Warner Media
FC Bayern Munich
Fox Sports


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What people say about


"Using Tagboard, we were able to produce the show 100% remotely with multiple guests joining throughout the show, we featured fan questions and comments, polls and a scrolling ticker with fan tweets, as well as custom graphics each time a pick was announced."
Scott Kegley
Executive Director of Digital Media & Innovation
Minnesota Vikings
"I wanted to create something from a video live stream that had a dynamism to it that I hadn't seen in other very linear streams. Twitter and Tagboard have been such an instrumental part in the success of the live stream. It's lived up to all of my visions and dreams and expectations"
Larry Jackson
Global Creative Director
Apple Music
"We had always been using Tagboard's social integration components but we've really leaned into graphics. The platform is so user-friendly and it's not too complex and it just has allowed us it to really just stretch it as far as we can and leverage different tools to make production seamless."
Catherine Chan Smith
Senior DIrector of Social Integration




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