Startup Life: Hiring & Building a great team


Hiring and finding great people is without doubt one of the biggest priorities for any high-growth tech CEO, and the companies at Sports Loft are no exception. Whether it’s working out whether to hire for talent & aptitude or for a defined role, how to profile potential employees who are ready for a start-up environment, how to build a great on-boarding process and where to look for the best people, getting hiring right is hard but important.  

In our latest podcast, we are joined by Satisfi Co-founder and CEO Donny White and Slate Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer Will Brooke. They share their first-hand experiences of hiring at a startup and what they have learnt about the best ways to build teams for their respective companies.

Don White
Satisfi Labs

Donny is the CEO of Satisfi Labs, which he co-founded in 2016. He previously held senior sales leadership positions at Bloomberg.