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Satisfi Labs is a conversational AI platform that makes information accessible and actionable for customers at every stage of the buyer journey.

Satisfi Labs is a conversational AI platform that makes information accessible and actionable for customers at every stage of the buyer journey.

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New York, USA
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Management Team

Bill Bailey


Jonathon Scott

VP Strategic Partnerships

Danika Wong

SVP of Marketing

Don White


Randall Newman

Chief Product & Technology Officer

Ed Hagan


Questions and Answers

What issues are you solving?

Fans are looking for answers about their teams, leagues and stadiums, ranging from who’s the highest scoring striker, to what foods are available closest to my stands and how can I get a bundle stadium tour ticket and post-match dinner reservation. Google doesn’t provide that information easily, but Satisfi pulls all the answers together in real-time. We also handle guest services 24/7, augmenting integrations with Zendesk and LivePerson, where we can easily answer questions without having to escalate to live agents

Why should we be excited by you?

We’re a fast growing SAAS platform with a sizable ‘moat’ of sports and venue knowledge, and we’re moving rapidly through adjacent verticals and geographic markets. We now have more than 20 Broadway theatrical shows as clients, plus 28 museums, aquariums, theme parks and resorts (explore and book a ski holiday). We have our sights on Europe, Australia and Asia (we’re working on Japanese).

Who are your target customers?

We focus on sports teams, leagues and stadia. Our platform knowledge-base covers ticketing, merchandise, hospitality, premium amenities and can deliver both commerce and fan engagement (trivia contests, surveys, stats).

What is your business model?

We are a platform licensing model, starting at £7,500 per year, which includes the web-based chat window and 150 answers. Rule of thumb is one answer equals 30-50 questions. For an additional fee, we also integrate into existing apps as a live chat to increase their utility, functionality and encourage downloads. Or, alternatively, can also work through FB Messenger, SMS and WhatsApp.

What market traction do you have?

Last year, we handled 9 million ‘virtual conversations’ and 17 million real-time searches across our sports knowledge bases. Our clients include all of Major League Baseball, LA Football Club, Atlanta FC, Madison Square Garden, TD Garden in Boston, Levi’s Stadium in San Francisco, plus more than three dozen NHL, NFL and NBA teams. We look for teams and organizations that want to dramatically enhance the fan’s visit by tying together the ticketing, hospitality and game experience.

At the NFL Super Bowl with 70,000 visitors, they asked 200,000 questions on game day that otherwise would have gone unanswered or be handled by volunteer ushers and guest services. In the week before, we handled 20,000 questions, with one-third asking about the game, teams, players, and a majority about autograph opportunities.
Starting with LA FC, we implemented Apple Pay for food & beverage concessions alongside the app, where fans can order and pay from their seats and pick up at an express window. We eliminated queues and increased sales by over 30%.
Our Ticket Assistant is an in-chat ticketing integration with 4 major providers that has sold over $2 million tickets with a 20% higher average price because of bundling hospitality and guiding fans to premium offerings.
Our answer engine saves time for guest services staff, with one venue cutting 20 hours of support a week in less than a year by answering 30,000 questions.


Leeds United
Rock and Roll
Dallas Cowboys
Toronto Maple Leafs
Gillette Stadium
Hackney Half
Washington Capitals
Mercedes Benz Stadium
US Open
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
LA Kings
Golden State Warriors
Houston Rockets
Tottenham Hotspur
LA Dodgers

What people are saying about

Satisfi Labs

"Juggling the dynamic content around TD Garden events amplifies the challenges with managing a popular venue. Having a solution by Satisfi Labs that’s able to seamlessly integrate all of our constantly updating information into a friendly platform for visitors is invaluable for guests' experience."
Josh Brickman
Vice President, Business Strategy
Boston Bruins & TD Garden
“Satisfi is so good at anticipating what’s going to be asked, but also reacting to questions and adapting along the way. It’s just a spectacular product.”
Mike Castle
Ass. Athletic Director, Ticket Sales and Operations
Georgia Tech Athletic Association
“With the Satisfi Labs platform, we’ve been able to expand our AI technology to give fans that 1:1 response and timely interaction that is needed to make fans feel comfortable about the new game-day experience."
Christi Bedan
VP, Digital & Media
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Case Studies

Satisfi & Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Satisfi & Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Satisfi Labs' virtual assistant has saved the Buccaneers 1500+ staff hours

Satisfi & SuperBowl

Satisfi & SuperBowl

Satisfi implemented at the SuperBowl to help answer fan questions around the event.

Satisfi & TD Garden

Satisfi & TD Garden

Satisfi was implemented on the TD Garden Venue website to answer guest questions around their ever changing event and venue details.

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