Navigating the social media flux, and the new model for pre-season tours


This week Yanni is joined by Nick Shaw, managing director of EMEA at Greenfly, and Keegan Pierce, managing director for the UK and Ireland at LaLiga, as they dissect the dynamic world of sports social media and global pre-season tours.

In part one, our guests explain how they’re navigating the fast-changing social media landscape. Nick Shaw outlines Greenfly's role in fan engagement and his tips for operating in this period of flux. While Keegan Pierce shares LaLiga's innovative social strategies, which involves managing accounts across 20 different social media platforms and has resulted in it being the most followed football league on social media.

Later in the episode, we delve into how teams and leagues are changing their approaches to pre-season tours – from visiting new territories to trying out new broadcast solutions. Plus, Yanni revisits his Women’s World Cup prediction and takes another bite at the cherry.


  • 02:45 – Favourite sporting moments of the week
  • 07:00 – How Greenfly is used by sports organisations
  • 10:00 – LaLiga's approach to social media
  • 13:45 – Where social should sit in the organisation
  • 19:45 – LaLiga Tech
  • 26:45 – Democratising content and the power of athlete brands
  • 33:30 – Predictions for X, the company formerly known as Twitter
  • 37:00 – What are the goals of pre-season tours?
  • 41:30 – Making the most of the pre-season

Nick Shaw

Keegan Pierce