Turning a crowd into a fanbase


In this week's edition of the Sports Loft podcast, host Yanni Andreopoulos is joined by three expert guests to discuss how sports teams and leagues can use a range of tactics to grow their fanbases and audiences.

Adrian Wells, chief marketing officer at Harlequins F.C., Don White, CEO and co-founder of Satisfi Labs, and Josh Rose, chief revenue officer at Fevo, explore the ways sports teams and rights-holders can attract new fans, including big one-off events, sports and sponsorship crossovers and live overseas activations.

They also discuss the imperative for sports and teams to attract a younger and more diverse audience, as well as the challenges that come with selling to broader audiences in addition to superfans. The guests draw on their personal experiences, including the recent Harlequins Big Game 14 at Twickenham versus Exeter Chiefs.

Josh Rose

Josh is the Chief Business Officer at FEVO. He was one of the first employees, joining 6 years ago. He was previously with the NY Yankees and NY Islanders.

Adrian Wells
Harlequins F.C.

Don White
Satisfi Labs

Donny is the CEO of Satisfi Labs, which he co-founded in 2016. He previously held senior sales leadership positions at Bloomberg.