The role of machine learning in sports, and how to build an AI startup


This week we’re discussing the intersection of sports, media and artificial intelligence. Join our host Yanni and Sports Loft's founder Charlie, as they sit down with Don White, CEO and co-founder of Satisfi Labs, and Jamie Wilde, head of technology & data science at Greenfly.

The main focus of this episode is the transformative impact of AI in the sports and media industry. We'll explore how companies like Greenfly (which recently acquired machine learning startup Miro) and Satisfi Labs are utilising AI to enhance fan engagement, streamline sports operations, and create compelling sports-related content. Together, they uncover the challenges faced in training AI models using vast and complex sports data, and how these challenges are being overcome.

Our panel also dive into the intricacies of running an AI company – from the hurdles of budgeting and talent retention to the evolving business models and staying ahead of commoditisation. Join us as we unravel the potential of AI in sports and media, and discover how these innovations are reshaping the future of the industry.

Don White
Satisfi Labs

Donny is the CEO of Satisfi Labs, which he co-founded in 2016. He previously held senior sales leadership positions at Bloomberg.

Charlie Greenwood
Sports Loft